The Little Beagle That Could ….

My goal for the rest of the week – month – year? Is to have as much determination and gusto as Molly, my beagle, does. Day after day – night after night – she tries – she hopes- she lives – for that one moment when Nick and I will smile, nod, and let her up on the extra large dog bed called the sofa.

And every night for the past 3 years – she is met by a resounding NO.
But she tries. God knows she tries.
She thinks: What if I just put one paw up? Then maybe they’ll give in? Two paws? Well, gosh, I’m half way there – they’ll have to let me up now.  
No? I’m not sure what that word means – if I look confused, perplexed, even befuddled – they’ll just pity me for sure. That’s bound to work!
imageNo. Molly …. mommy, maybe … daddy, never.

But don’t stop trying – never stop trying. Your persistence is amusing and most of all – so inspiring.

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