Lessons Learned …

In honor of the  first unseasonably warm weekend this Spring … I decided to head out into the herb garden and undo my amateur gardening mistakes.  When Nick and I first moved into our home, we were 27, excited, and VERY new to gardening.  In our zeal to have our “very first garden” – we rolled up our sleeves, dug up the dying arborvitae and spent the good half of our Sunday planting SCORES of mint.  Research before we planted? Why? We were young, determined and figured if we failed …. it would die.  If we succeeded – we’d have lots of juleps. And succeed we did.  It didn’t take us long to figure out that what we had succeeded in was making a mess out of our side yard.  Sure it smells AMAZING in the Spring/Summer.  Sure it makes for an AWESOME ground covering when we get lazy.  A good deal of reading and research later – I inevitably found out (as most decent gardeners already know) that I should have planted it in containers or pots. There’s always a next time …..

For now, I’ll work steadily at making sure it keeps its creepy little roots out of my pineapple sage,thyme, rosemary, oregano and most of all … beloved blueberry bush.

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