Happy (Almost) Easter!

I’m procrastinating.  Seriously procrastinating.  While 3rd Marking Period report cards should be a faint and distant memory at this point – they are nothing but a huge thorn in my side.  Good thing today was a nice enough day for me to play  (more like lounge…) out in the yard and watch Nick work in the garden.  It wasn’t a complete waste of a day though…. I was finally able to sow EIGHTEEN of my seedlings in HUGE containers and get them by the window, get my mother and sister in law their Easter plants from our local florist <3, load up in Nick’s Big Ol’ Pickup and snap some sassy shots of the day.

And the best of all ??? Nick helped me grade TWO gigantic stacks of Math tests – that have been snoozing on my coffee table for months.

Best Husband EVER!






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