Adventures in House Hunting

Well, after a horrendous week of putridness – the pups are finally feeling much better. The cold weather has dissipated … and all is right with the world!

With the dogs on the upswing and the weather being so amazing lately – Nick and I actually got to sit back and enjoy our Easter Sunday.  Though – sitting back – isn’t quite what we did.  Armed with my camera and a newly autographed copy of The Houses That Sears Built (Everything you ever wanted to know about Sears Catalog Homes) and FINDING the Houses That Sears Built(A Guide to the 60 Most Popular Designs) by Rosemary Thornton …. Nick and I piled into the car and started out on could be the beginning of a VERY dangerous obsession.

It didn’t take us long before we entered South River to begin picking out homes we thought might be kit homes.

And then it happened …. right in front of our very eyes …. like it was photocopied right out of page 75 … The Dover peeked its loving little face out around a corner.  I snapped some shots, we held the book up for comparison, counted the windows, swooned over the arches, and discovered we had caught the fever. Rosemary warned her readers of the fever, the highs, the lows and the letdowns. It can destroy families, relationships, cost people their jobs and rob them of hobbies…

But that wouldn’t happen to us.  Surely, we were of stable mind, two professionals, out for an Easter Sunday ride.  We don’t run a risk for trouble. We’re not those kinds of people.  We’re casual hunters … just looking for the fun of it. Weekends and Holidays only.

The Dover

The Dover

The Dover – with a replacement front door

“Just one more …. just one more block.”

“We should probably head to mom’s house for dinner”

“Let’s just check one more house. I think there’s one on Jackson Street. I’m sure of it”

“Okay …. just one more. Just one more.”

“Two more?”

“Alright … one more block won’t hurt. We might as well enjoy ourselves.”

The first step – is admitting there is a problem.  I won’t do that ….. not with only 2 houses identified …. in a town of 20,000 people. It’s obvious we just simply don’t have a problem ….

The Wilmore: 5 Rooms and a Bath

The Wilmore: 5 Rooms and a Bath

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