Roof Rejuvenation: “Frost Farm” Makeover Part 1 

We’re back UP ON THE ROOOOF.  After a nice long winter break – Nick has resumed our “Frost Farm” Makeover Part 1 (stay tuned for Makeovers 2-1,000).

While winter was a beast this year – it was relatively kind to the new Cedar Shingle roof we started putting up last spring/summer.

Our 80+ year old home – needs a facelift, in the worst way possible.  Poor thing – has seen more reconstructions in her life than Joan Rivers. The unfortunate thing about our girl – is that everyone who’s attempted at beautifying her has watched entirely too much DIY channels – they’ve attempted entirely too many “quick country fixes”.  So here we are – trying to do right by her and her senior legacy by doing what any sensible fashion advisor would tell any aging starlet to do …. START WITH YOUR ROOTS, HONEY!

After TONS of research and a ridiculous amount of obsessing – Nick and I (more Nick than me) settled on a stunning cedar shingle roof (Yes, we know they take maintenance) with beautiful copper ridges and antique – lightning rods.  But, as always, it proved to be more than one man could handle.  While Nick had a few of his amazing construction buddies and friends stop by to shingle, nail, and complain of their fear of heights – it was still entirely too steep of a project for Nick to finish in one season.  So, with the weather finally cooperating and my “honey do” list getting longer …. Nick and I finally headed outside this weekend for some “quality time” and copper ridge bending.  While, I wouldn’t necessarily make it a daily occurrence or add it to my bucket list – bending copper is really quite fun.  It’s nice to be in the fresh air, working with Nick, and knowing that I’m contributing to the historical revival of such a perfectly worthy home.








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