Baking …. Basil and Cultivating …. Cabbage

My first attempt at drying and preserving basil has appeared to go well.  It did take a lot longer than I expected … or that the preserving basil websites suggest it should take … but nothing was burnt and it looks like I very well could have bought it at the store. Score 1 for me.  I’ve dried Cayenne peppers before … only to end up throwing them out at the end of the summer.  But this year I’m determined … determined to get a nice little container of dried goods going.

On another growing goodies note …. my broccoli and summer squash seedlings are super stupendous.  They are just bursting out their little containers and stretching for the warm, May sun.  With the ground nice and soaked and the sun shining brightly – it looks like I’m going to have to get out there and start prepping the garden soon.


I’m  also excited to say that this summer, thanks to one of the girls I work with, I will be trying cabbage.  The third grade classes in my school are working on growing cabbage for the Bonnie 3rd Grade Cabbage Program  and luckily they received more donations than could possibly fit into the school garden.  So rather than see them go to waste, I more than eagerly offered to take four little guys home with me.  I figured … why not.  I love experimenting with planting new things and have always wanted to try cabbages and lettuces … so it should be an adventure – if nothing else. I suppose I could reward myself a little next weekend (after what will be a presumably exhausting week of state testing) and dig in the sandy loam of the Frost Farm.




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