Phoneless and Fabulous on the Frost Farm

Late this week – someone stole Nick’s new cell phone while he was playing basketball at our local rec. center. Ordinarily, he would keep it under lock and key – but he felt that if there were an emergency at home he should keep it handy. Just in case.

Well, “just in case” proved to be costly, time consuming, and aggravating.

We, both, have been working so hard at “turning the other cheek”, seeing things from other’s perspectives and overall thinking positively. That when something like this happened – we were kind of blindsided.

For a brief moment this week- I was REALLY upset. Almost instantly, I began to find myself plummeting down on a slippery slope of negativity.  Truthfully, I can’t say I’m overly surprised by the disregard and self-centered nature of people. However, I suppose with all the positive thinking Nick and I have been working on,  I was naive enough to think others would be too. Be kind to others – and others will be kind to you. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

Rose-colored glasses clearly work best when you have your own prescription, I guess.

Whenever I’m stuck in a rut, overwhelmed, sick, or in need of a reality check I phone two people: Nick or my mother.  Since, Nick was clearly not the person to calm me down, I reckoned a message to Harriet was just what the doctor ordered.

Not surprisingly – she brought grounded and reminded me that I’ve experienced some really big losses.  Important losses. Heartbreaking Losses. A cell phone could always be replaced.


“Always look @ the bright side. It’s only a phone that can be replaced – a life can’t. If I had my choice I’d give up all my phones if I could have dad back. We have each other which more important” -Guru Harriet-


BAM! Just like that – everything fell back into place.

Perhaps was my mom’s pep talk, divine intervention (thanks, Daddy), the fact that Nick replaced his phone, or that the stress of the whole situation subsided – I’m not quite sure.  Regardless of the reason – I came home from work, today, in a much better mood. A state of mind I wanted to be in. Even though humanity may have temporarily let me down – I knew that nature wouldn’t. It didn’t take me long to find the first perk of living on the Frost Farm. 🙂

First strawberries of summer!

First strawberries of summer!

After all, how could anyone not be in a better mood – after finding the first strawberries of the summer ready for the picking?  Now, my only problem is  – what to do with only 3 strawberries?


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