Faith, Kids, and Berries … Oh My!

I’ve fallen off the radar for the past few weeks …. something I’m not extraordinarily proud of, but it’s been hectic here to say the least.

  • Nubbins is home – to much fanfare. After being passed around – something similar to the Olympic torch – he has settled in nicely. He loves Persnickety and except for the occasional Big Momma Headbutt – she’s really taken to him too.


  • After 4 years of being a negative Nancy – Harley finally came to the realization that he can, in fact, jump. HIGH. So high, in fact, that jumping into bed with Mommy is like a piece of cake!  God, those blankets and pillow top mattress is AMAZING.  Too bad – Dad – doesn’t agree. Back to the hard floor it is.
  • Mulberry Bush is blooming. Muffins in a week’s time or so. How can I tell? STEP 1:  Let the pups out in the yard. Step 2: Simply wait for the beagle to follow her nose to the plethora of berries piling up under the tree.  Step 3: Start Picking
  • Moving Up Ceremony was a success (thanks, Donna *hugs*) and my 5th Graders are officially ready to move on to Middle School.  I will miss them dearly.
  • 5th Grade Social was even more of a success.  (Evidently, there is a video of me floating around – doing the robot.)
  • I have found the most perfect Almond Milk – Thank you Whole Foods
  • T-minus 1 week until my sister in law and her wonderful fiancé walk down the aisle.  Can’t wait!
  • Lastly and most importantly – Nick and I had some unsettling news last week.  We’ve learned that putting our Faith in God, lots of prayers, sitting back and enjoying every moment of our lives with each other and family are the most valuables gift in the world. We are so blessed to have each other and our amazing family.
    My Awesome Nephews <3

    My Awesome Nephews ❤






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