The Frost’s Take a Trip-cation (Part 2): Impromptu Delaware Car Show

Planning a Trip-cation is one of the most complicated things when you are a collector of all things living: like me. The difficulty – as Nick always points out to me – with traveling and hobby farming – is we’re not just packing up and skipping town for a week.  We need to find responsible people who are willing to take up the challenge of watering acres of plants and caring for livestock. After we secured a cheap (payments in 6-packs and coozies only, if you please) pup-sitter (thank you, Ron) – we were off to find someone to watch and water the rest of the Funny Farm lot.  Thankfully – the lovely ladies at Penny’s Petals (thanks Jen and Casey) came through – as always – and offered to take care of our garden, flowerbeds, hanging plants, house plants and, of course, the goats …

With everyone situated and in responsible hands – Nick and I piled into the VW – bright and early on Saturday morning. Our intended plan was to head down to OBX via two days with a one night stop-over in Norfolk, VA.  We figured it would allow for more opportunities to stop and sight see on the way.  Lucky for us – Nick’s knack for planning came through for us again.  After a much-needed detour to the Waffle House in Odessa, DE (my father’s penchant for greasy breakfast food on vacation – is also very much instilled in me) – we continued steadfastly on Rt.13.  We weren’t even 3 hours into our trip – before we were boxed in (at a traffic light) by two VERY impressive classic cars.

Ford Fairlane

Ford Fairlane – “Georgia Peach”

“I wonder if they’re heading to the classic car show somewhere around here … Every year as a kid we would always see tons of classic cars,” Nick exclaimed enthusiastically.

No sooner had he said it – did we begin to see signs for the Harrington, DE – Fairgrounds Southern Delaware Street Rod Assoc. – Car Show. Well, now we just had to go.  Car show? Time to kill? $5.00 a person? It was obviously a done deal.

And what a deal it was ….. we’ve been hitting up classic car shows on local fairgrounds more than usual this summer.  I have to say – that by far – this was one of the better ones we’ve visited. The Delaware State Fairgrounds make for a nifty locale to host a classic car show – with PLENTY of shade and an indoor SWAP meet and Craft Show. It didn’t take me long to sniff out (literally) the Goat Soap Stand.  With HUGE posters of her little Milkers –  I was totally drawn over to Jackie Jackson of Fresh N’ Fancy and her amazing variety of soaps and lotions.  Not only do they SMELL amazing – but they are priced reasonably and help with eczema and psoriasis.(which are two great bonuses of dealing with RA – *insert sarcasm here*) Plus, as an additional bonus – some soaps come with some VERY cute names (personal favorites include Butt Naked, Fruity Booty, Billy Goat Breath and Monkey Farts). There are also (for those more reserved ladies and gents) more traditionally named soaps: Lemongrass, Lavender, Amber Romance and my favorite scent Cherry Almond.  After I convinced Nick to let me buy soaps for every member of our family – we strolled around relishing in some more photo ops.

The brighter ... the better

The brighter … the better


Nick and I were thrilled.  We easily saw 100+ cars, bought goat soap, saw a mini pig in a tutu, had fresh squeezed lemonade and almost bid on a 1989 Droptop Mustang – all before 11am. Car show = SUCCESS.  Alas, it was time to bid the Delaware Car show adieu – until next year and head back on the road. Next stop …. Cape Charles, VA …



4 thoughts on “The Frost’s Take a Trip-cation (Part 2): Impromptu Delaware Car Show

  1. I love it that you guys just pick up and go! And keep this blog going, I look forward to reading about all your adventures. Be Safe Love you guys Aunt Kathy

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