Learning WHILE Teaching …..

HOLY SCHMOLLY …. it’s been a while.

What do you think of when you hear Back to School?  Most likely, pictures of apples, pumpkin lattes, long sleeved sweaters and all things autumn begin to creep into your mind. At least – if you’re in the North East like me.  Well, school has officially started and brought with it some of the hottest weather this season!  While – it may not FEEL like “teaching” weather – I certainly am getting in the spirit of getting my class started.

I also – have  COMPLETELY neglected by BlogWriting – status. A huge No No in the Blog writing world.  Unfortunately, between curriculum planning, observations, parent meetings and 11 hours of tutoring a week – I really haven’t had a chance to whip up a decent entry. Though I would like to.  It has – on the other hand – opened me up to a bunch of exciting materials TO blog about – when I can find the moment to sit down and write.  But in case anyone was wondering this is the short version of what I’ve been up to in the past few weeks:

1.Nick and I went to Lake George and spent a sick week at The Sagamore



 2. I  have been learning Italian – via every means possible: Rosetta Stone, Duolingo, Quizlet, and movies. I can now say: Io sono una donna.  Gli uomini beve. Il cane manga carne di manzo. La mela e verde. Io mango riso bianco. Five phrases that will get me very, very far the next time I travel to Italy.

3. I’ve tried MUSSELS.  AND LIKED THEM. Ate a “literal” ICE CREAM sandwich – and liked it.  And devoured Korean ribs and licked my fingers twice.Once again – I thought I was tutoring a student – meanwhile – his mom was “teaching” me!  I absolutely loved them.  *thank you so much Mrs. Peng – for once again opening my eyes to absolutely amazing foods**


ps – I am totally psyched about Diwali 2014:)

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