How To: Passing Out Pills to Picky Pups

I’ve learned a lot this past week about my pups.  A LOT.  I suppose stomach viruses bring out the fickleness in all creatures.
  1. Harley – doesn’t like canned pumpkin (unless it’s in Molly’s bowl).
  2. Molly doesn’t like pills with peanut butter or cream cheese.
  3. Harley, on the other hand, will kill for it.
  4. Molly will tolerate avocado with a pill – as long as you rub her throat and make sure it goes down smoothly.
  5. Harley will most certainly eat avocado.
  6. Molly loves rice and canned pumpkin
  7. She is NOT a fan of Orzo.
  8. Harley will eat her Orzo as long as there is not too much canned pumpkin on it.

Which, I suppose, brings me to my 1st How To: Giving Molly her 3 1/2 pills last night – was torture. Nick and I were hot, agitated, and completely at eat other’s throats by the end of the ordeal. After 25 minutes – 2 of the 3 1/2 had been administered and we were completely exhausted. Molly was too. She has curled herself into a sulky ball in the bathroom – trying to avoid any more drama.  And it was only Day ONE.   BUT …. It’s almost summer. Summer = tomatoes.  The tomato garden is everyone’s favorite hangout (second to the Mulberry Tree, naturally) in the summer.  Molly’s favorite delicacy is always the cherry tomato, though if she can get a plump Burpee or ripe Jersey – she’s totally game. So this morning, when I opened the fridge and discovered a nice container of Organic grape Tomatoes I thought “What if I could trick her beagle nose into thinking her pill was really just her favorite treat?” Continue reading