7 Things You May or May Not Know About Me

Q: Why did you choose the number 7, Susan?

A: Because it seemed like a nice number between 5-10 that wasn’t 6,8,9.

  1.  I used to Reenact the Civil War. During college my best friend and I thought it would be an awesome way to spend super hot summers. Nothing like 9 layers of wool to get you through summers down South.
  2. I’m not afraid of any insects. I love all buggies – in fact I’m mildly obsessed with picking them up. Some of my students have even nicknamed me “The Wasp Whisperer”.
  3. Our house came with a goat.  Sugar – our baby girl – came with our house when we bought it. Her gentleness and affection started our affinity for goats. Though she’s gone – our love for 4 legged ruminants carries on.
  4. I’ve taught every grade K-8 except for 4th grade. AND I’ve only been teaching 10 years.
  5. I love to “do” laundry.  But I hate to put it away.  Nick claims that’s not really doing laundry – but there is something about the machine getting all sudsy, hanging clothes out on the line and smelling fresh laundry that makes my heart go a-flutter.
  6. I was never stung by a bee – until I was 30. Then I accidentally walked into an underground hive and was stung by 25 yellow jackets. In the middle of the woods. Alone.  3 days later – I was stung by a black hornet in the middle of the night.
  7. I love the Helen Kane and Jelly Roll Morton stations on Pandora. BOOP OOP A DOOP!




What are some crazy things about you?! Everyone has their quirks and the writer in me loves to hear about them!