Impromptu Snow Day

Lately, I’ve been back on writing my novel.  It’s a gigantic process in the making and I’ve been writing it for the past 9 years.  Most of the time – I don’t think I’ll ever finish, but every once in a while, I pick up my gigantic stack of research books, look at my old links online and begin to type a page or two.  As anyone who reads my blog knows, I’m anything other than structured when I write and I try not to force myself into doing something I truly enjoy.

However, with all the snow we’ve been getting in the Northeast lately – I’ve been having plenty of time to jot down some thoughts and get some inspiration, catch up on my shows, take care of my sick goat, set the house up for St. Patrick’s day, grade papers, and pay some bills . THANK YOU – SNOW DAYS!!

BUT it can’t all be about writing (though it should be) and chores. SO luckily – I’ve also had some time to take some adorable (albeit, he’s not that happy about it) pictures of Harley in the snow!!

Snow Day!

What about you? Have you been making the best of the wacky weather this winter? Or just wishing it was Spring already?

Procrastination? Or the Art of Putting Things Off ?

A guaranteed way to get me to do something – is to give me a chore I dislike so much – that I complete all the other chores first.

I prioritize everything. The difference with me – is that I don’t necessarily prioritize things by importance, but rather, how much I would NOT LIKE TO DO IT. 

In other words, I’m a procrastinator. I am THE Queen Procrastinator.  As a matter of fact – even as I write this I have chores that need to be done.

Washing dishes, doing laundry, making my bed, paying bills, scrubbing toilets, answering emails are not my favorite ways to spend free time – but not necessarily my least favorite.

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