Relishing those Reenactments

Reenactments, Going to Events, Living History – whatever you may call it,  I miss it A LOT. A few weekends ago, I had the chance to go a Revolutionary War – Event near my home.  If you’re friends with me on Facebook you might have seen my “Flat Stanley” pictures!


Flat Stanley takes on the Red Coats

Going to a Reenactment brought back a flood of emotions.  I remember going to my first one as a kid and just being so floored by History being brought to life right in front of my eyes.  It didn’t take me long to realize that I wanted to participate in the hobby.  When I was 13 – I bought some books, talked to some people, did some research and was all ready – until I realized I didn’t have a soul to do it with.  Imagine the woman’s (who I spoke to when I was 13) shock when I called her at 21 asking her if she still participated in Living Histories particularly the Civil War.  My best friend at the time was beyond excited and willing to participate with me! So, we invested hundreds of dollars in clothing, a tent, cooking ware and travel expensive. But truth be told, as expensive as it was,  I spent some of my best moments all done up in 9 layers in the hot Virginia sun.


Me – outside a Cape May Bed and Breakfast circa 2005

But alas, time went on – my dad passed away, my job took up my time, I got married and basically fell out of touch with reenacting connections. Over time, there was talk about going back to the hobby, but it cost money that I did have. Plus, to be honest – I most certainly don’t fit in the dresses I bought at 21 years old. Again, the ideas went by the wayside.

It wasn’t until the recent reenactment – that I did begin to consider going back into the hobby all together.  The thought of parking my pup tent under a shady tree and spending my day knitting on a blanket in the shade just seems like heaven.

What may have even been more special though – is watching the boys and their 1st event!


You Chick I Chick We ALL Chick for Chicken Coops

Well – it’s finally been done! We came together and built the ladies a nice big coop.  Though it isn’t exactly the coop I had in mind – we bought a nice sized coop from Tractor Supply Stores.  I like to think of it as a temporary coop for my ladies until we can afford a nicer coop. Like a “starter” coop, if you will.  What I loved about this project is that it was a chance for  Nick and his boys to get together and work on a project.


I did some “whitewashing” and then resigned to baking the boys some chocolate cookies – for all their hard work.  It was really nice to see them work together and know that their efforts as a team would pay off.   Now, the ladies have four nice nesting boxes and a decent sized run to play and lounge in this summer.  I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon and a team of fantastic guys to make my dream come true!




Thanks, guys! For all your hard work! I’m sure the ladies will appreciate all of your endeavors as much as I do! xoxo



This Week I Love ….. is

Baby Chicks


If you’ve followed my blog before – you know that I’ve always wanted chicks.  Well, my life has shifted a bit and this summer seemed to be the right time to get some. I’m stoked.

Clearly, God knew what he was doing when he made baby chicks because they’re smelly and dirty and skittish, but literally the cutest things on the planet.  They literally PEEP all day long!

Maybe it’s because I’m the proud mama of some new chicks – or maybe it’s because I’m a first time mama to my little nuggets, but I literally cannot stop watching them.  We have a brooder (which they are quickly out growing – don’t worry we have a large one waiting!) set up in the dining room.  The kitchen was still currently being occupied by the goat.  Watching their adorable antics has literally become a past time for me (and Molly – my beagle).

 There is nothing quite like watching 4 baby chickens suddenly fall asleep standing up.  Seriously, chicks have the most serious case of Narcolepsy I have seen.  They fall asleep standing, sitting, eating, drinking, alone and on top of each other.  They basically look like they’ve had a serious night drinking and are sleeping off the hangover.  Absolutely , 100% – dead to the world.  I catch myself double checking to see make sure they’re breathing.  Knowing that one day they’ll be big, fat happy and healthy hens is so exciting, but I kind of wish they could stay this little forever.  I’m looking forward to keeping you guys posted as these little gals grow!

If you’re thinking about taking the plunge like me and investing in chicks – I recommend a few resources first:

  • Backyard Chickens – is the most amazing, numero uno resource site for a novice chick owner – all the way to the most experienced.  Everyone on the site is friendly and willing to help and I just can’t get enough of it.
  • The Chicken Chick © – is another amazing resource site.  Kathy Shea Mormino is a fantastic writer and blogger. She’s got loads of tips and her site is absurdly organized – which is something I love when trying to research a chick topic.  She is also an amazing author!
  • The Spruce – you’re going to see me post about The Spruce often.  It is literally one of my favorite websites and my go-to source for just about EVERYTHING!  It has a great section dedicated to livestock and especially chickens!

Faith, Kids, and Berries … Oh My!

I’ve fallen off the radar for the past few weeks …. something I’m not extraordinarily proud of, but it’s been hectic here to say the least.

  • Nubbins is home – to much fanfare. After being passed around – something similar to the Olympic torch – he has settled in nicely. He loves Persnickety and except for the occasional Big Momma Headbutt – she’s really taken to him too.


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