NY State Renaissance Festival – Best Birthday A Girl Could Ask For …

Last Wednesday was my birthday. And naturally – much to my husbands chagrin – his Leo wife found herself spreading a birth”day” into a birth”week”.   Aside – from getting a new lens (which I am learning slowly but surely), going out to eat with family and trekking to the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia – I also got AppleTv. Which is very – very dangerous.  I am a self – admitting TV Binge Watcher.

BUT – when Nick asked me where I wanted to go for my birthday – I knew there was only ONE place we NEEDED to go: THE NEW YORK RENAISSANCE FAIRE.  We had to wait until the weekend, Nick had never gone to a Renn. Fair before and I wasn’t quite sure how he would FARE at the FAIRE.  Though – I knew Nick is very comfortable with my post-goth, post-reenacting, history loving, very dramatic personality – I wasn’t positive he would be able handle others with the same “interests” – all in the same place – AT THE SAME TIME.  BUT – as always – he was trooper and ended up really enjoying himself.  I love when he leaves his comfort-zone. 🙂

dsc_0095 2ia


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