The Frost’s Take a Trip-cation (Part 3): Chesapeake Bay Crossing/Almshouse Farm at Machipongo

By now … you most likely read my other two posts regarding the Frost Trip-cation.  If you haven’t you need to head over here and here … first.

Alms House at Mahapicuo

Almshouse Farm at Machipongo

Trust me … there’s a method to my madness ….. there’s always a method.

Taking our detour to the Delaware Car show was just what we needed before heading out on the long and dusty trail to OBX. BUT – we still had plenty of time to kill between. After pathetically taking a much needed “pitstop” at a Walmart, buying not so great produce (yeah I know- IT’S WALMART) and a few knickknacks – we arrived in Virginia.  To much fair fan – might I add – strictly on my side, naturally.  We still had most of the day to kill and were fixing on doing something historical.  Not that – classic cars don’t have their place in history. I had pretty much heard Bartender by Lady Antabellum and Drunk on a Plane by Dierks Bentley enough times to drive a person insane (first time it was super cute – 12th time: not so cute).  Just then – like a beacon in the night …. Nick and I saw 2 chimneys peak out above the lush green foliage -lining Rt 13.

“That looks nice,” Nick noted – as he always does when we past old buildings.

“The house is stunning,” I commented as the remainder of the house came into view.

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