Bon Jour Montreal! Tre jour … Quebec! (première partie)

I can officially add Montreal and Quebec to my list of “visited” places. AND what an experience it was.  Luckily, my mom (my regular traveling partner) and I had the opportunity to travel with her longtime friend Carol and her husband, Tommy.  It only contributed to the laugh factor even more.

After boarding the bus – with 30+ senior citizens – we began our trek up to the Great Wide North.  Smooth remakes of EVERYONE’s favorite tunes (such as Charley Pride, Sinatra and Patsy Cline) boomed via stereo – as we took in all the sites of Upstate New York.  Lake George was lovely. Absolutely lovely. I’m in-love.  It essentially has EVERYTHING I could possibly want in a vacation: Hiking, log cabins, quaint shops, History and SAILBOATS !!!

Lake George

We spent two nights in Montreal – a city which is quintessentially a perfect blend of new world- hipster and old world whimsy (that one’s for you, Carol and Harriet). Though I was desperately wishing I would have taken French in high school – I navigated the shops and restaurants with relative ease.







Bus Etiquette/Facts Top 10 (First 5 … anyway)

I learned a lot about taking bus tours from taking this trip.  I was also granted a rare insight as to how the Pre-Woodstock generation travels …. in style.  Here are some helpful tips that I both – witnessed AND PARTOOK in whilst traveling ….

1.) Complain – about EVERYTHING – but just loud enough for your near-by bus neighbors to hear. They’ll usually tell you you’re absolutely right – and you’ll feel better about your useless yapping.

2.) ONLY get off the bus when “Gromice” the Froggy mascot is hanging on your side of the bus.  Failure to comply to this rule – MAY have you drawn and quartered in the streets of your final destination.

3.) Don’t bother the bus-driver (that you will be spending the week with) – for her free WIFI password.  You don’t want to clog the network   by surfing the net – along with the other 40 bus passengers that AREN’T surfing the web.  She won’t give it to you anyway.

4.) Make a joke about using the bus bathroom every 25 minutes (this works best if you have a UTI infection like I did).  There is nothing people like more than seeing someone 40 years younger than them – peeing more than they do.

5.)If you can’t beat ’em join ’em.  When they jam out classic tunes over the speakers – SING ALONG.


The Frost’s Take a Trip-cation (Part 3): Chesapeake Bay Crossing/Almshouse Farm at Machipongo

By now … you most likely read my other two posts regarding the Frost Trip-cation.  If you haven’t you need to head over here and here … first.

Alms House at Mahapicuo

Almshouse Farm at Machipongo

Trust me … there’s a method to my madness ….. there’s always a method.

Taking our detour to the Delaware Car show was just what we needed before heading out on the long and dusty trail to OBX. BUT – we still had plenty of time to kill between. After pathetically taking a much needed “pitstop” at a Walmart, buying not so great produce (yeah I know- IT’S WALMART) and a few knickknacks – we arrived in Virginia.  To much fair fan – might I add – strictly on my side, naturally.  We still had most of the day to kill and were fixing on doing something historical.  Not that – classic cars don’t have their place in history. I had pretty much heard Bartender by Lady Antabellum and Drunk on a Plane by Dierks Bentley enough times to drive a person insane (first time it was super cute – 12th time: not so cute).  Just then – like a beacon in the night …. Nick and I saw 2 chimneys peak out above the lush green foliage -lining Rt 13.

“That looks nice,” Nick noted – as he always does when we past old buildings.

“The house is stunning,” I commented as the remainder of the house came into view.

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