This Week … I Love …. (1)

Everyone has been trying to post or blog about 3 things they are grateful for, 100 Days of Happiness, or taking Positivity Challenges. Naturally, I found myself wanting to do one. So I sat down at my computer and eagerly began to list all the things I was grateful for – but alas! I could think of nothing. It surely wasn’t because I am not grateful for all of my blessings. It was because I wanted each one of my reasons to have “meaning” and “purpose” behind them. I opted to come back to the computer at another time.

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IT’S OFFICIAL: Spring has arrived! Onions are budding, herbs are sprouting, and poop is rolled in!  Which brings us to today’s lesson: if you can’t handle the time – don’t do the crime.  Mr. H learned that lesson – and he learned it hard.  What he thought was going to be a nice enjoyable afternoon in the 70 degree sunshine – turned out to be anything but enjoyable.  So sorry, Harley.  At least now you’re poppin fresh!!!