Fall at the Frost Farm

I’m aware that I have been on quite the hiatus this summer.  I do have some nifty recipes and pictures to post eventually.

Don't Let the Picture Fool You

                                                             Don’t Let the Picture Fool You

Summer kept us pretty busy this year, but not necessarily in the traditional sense:

  • We did end up planting a decent, unplanned garden – thanks to Jenn at Penny’s Petals.
  • Took a Cruise on the Norwegian Gem to the Bahamas – never AGAIN. Food was horrible, drinks were worse, entertainment lousy – it was literally as if hell were floating right there on  the ocean.  I did, however, make a wonderful new friend ❤ Well -worth every miserable second. **kisses – Lena**
  • Fixed the goat barn door – now Persnickety and Nubs have their own little doggy door
  • Redid (let me rephrase that – started to redo our bedroom.)  It’s still work in progress – but I know the finish product will rule.
  • Had a wild time with my girl, Sheila … taking pictures at the Grounds For Sculpture park, The Wallace Homestead and celebrating my birthday with plenty of vodka.
  • Helped Nick get his own business off the ground: N. Frost Remodeling {He does fantastic work – and NO I’m not biased!}
  • Caught up on all of my favorite shows – and started some really good new ones (The Affair and Narcos) come to mind.
  • Got ready for Back to School ….
  • Made a quick weekend get away trip to The Sagamore on Bolton’s Landing. Met some great new people and learned redheads and fireball DO NOT mix.
  • OH! and bought a nice spanky new GMC pickup.

But Alas …. Autumn is here …  so there should be lots more posts coming …. here are some Fall Frost Farm pics to hold you over ….


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