I NEED that …. Vol. 1

One of my favorite parts of teaching first grade was the “Needs and Wants” lesson in Social Studies. Having the students distinguish between things they actually need to survive or just “want” to have in order to make life more comfortable – usually makes for an interesting list of things.
Its funny then, when I’m out and about, to think about all the things I seem to suddenly NEED.  I know Nick cringes every time he hears the words “Ohhhhhh …. I need that.” Truthfully, it’s become a joke more than anything – but some things would be nice to have.  🙂  A girl can dream … can’t she?

PicMonkey Collage


  1. Bungalow 360 – http://www.bungalow360.com/ – a California based handbag company founded by Susie Pusch.  In addition to having super ADORABLE prints and styles – they pride themselves in being “Earth Happy” and donate a portion of their proceeds to Animal Rescue organizations. ❤
  2. Antique School Desk – http://factory20.com – believe it or not = we actually have one of these beauties.  Unfortunately, it’s shoved in the basement due to lack of space and time to restore it.  When I saw this beauty on Factory20.com – I couldn’t help but get motivated to get ours looking spiffy again.
  3. Pur~lisse – Pur-youth (Age Delay Skin Serum) http://shop.purlisse.com – Pur~lisse has easily become one of my favorite beauty products since receiving a sample in my May Ipsy bag.  Initially, I started with the Pur-lisse: Pur~Moist moisturizer sample and loved it so much – that I eagerly bought the full sized product. Along with my full sized product came a bunch of little free-be samples.  One of those samples being the Age Delay Skin Serum.  Not only is amazingly light, non greasy and full of awesome ingredients BUT it’s cruelty free and vegan too!
  4. Vespa GTS 300 – http://www.vespausa.com – Vespa? Need I say more?

What are your opinions on my NEEDS list this week? What are some things you have been dying to get yourself?

One thought on “I NEED that …. Vol. 1

  1. As for your needs, I don’t think you really need much. Maybe you should get your husband something nice. He seems like he works hard. Hmmm, if I were him I would probably desire a 03-04 Cobra of sorts. Probably black on black with all the proper modifications.


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