To Diet or Not to Diet? That is the Question …. (and one of my healthy recipes)

The number one, first thing I hate when I decide to shed a few pounds – is people telling me “Oh please … you don’t need to loose any weight. You’re nuts.”  If I’m deciding to put myself through the woes of dieting – I have a reason whether no one may see it or not.

No one likes to diet – it’s a pain in the butt.  Weighing yourself on the scale daily, just to notice that you haven’t lost any weight is frustrating. Exercising daily (especially when you have RA and Fibromyalgia) can be challenging. But I have gained over 20 pounds in 7 months and knew that if I didn’t do something quickly – shedding more than 20 pounds would be even more challenging and daunting.   So, I recently invested in NOOM – a weight-loss app that does more than count your calories.

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 11.42.44 AM

It’s a whole new approach to dieting using psychology and personalized coaches that text you every few days. So far I’ve lost 3 lbs in about a week, and overall I’m pretty happy. Plus, it works in conjunction with my Fitbit® and Qardio® blood pressure cuff.  Most of all, what I like best about this app is their food logging system. Food is easy to find and they give you a fair amount of calories to work with throughout the day. I’m very rarely hungry.  It also is just encouraging me to eat healthy – the way I used to eat before I got married.  I’m aware that NOOM comes with a post weight-loss program as well – to help people maintain a healthy weight, but I think just eating healthy for a few weeks/months could inspire me eat healthy again. Which is nice.  Which is why I thought I’d share a relatively delicious lunch I’ve been making for myself as of late.

**Feel free to add more or less of an ingredient.  My recipe is based on a specific calorie intake.**

Cucumber and Ham Pita Recipe


2 slices of Deli ham

1/2 of Whole Wheat Pita Pocket

1/2 of Organic Cucumber

1 tablespoon of Sabra Hummus (though I also really love Wegmans)

1 tablespoon of Helmann’s Light Mayonnaise

Salt and Pepper to taste



This is seriously the easiest sandwich you’ll ever make, but it tastes so good.

1.) Mix  hummus and mayo in a bowl and spread 1/2 on the inside of the pita. **You can also just spread the hummus inside the pita and save the mayo**

2.) Slice your cucumber into thin slices and pack them into the pita leaving just enough room for your ham.

3.) Take your deli ham and pack on top of cucumbers.

4.) Top with hummus/mayo mix or just mayo.

6) Season with salt and pepper.

248 Calories


Please note that I have no affiliation with NOOM®.  I am purely writing based on my personal experience with the app to which I pay a monthly fee.

2 thoughts on “To Diet or Not to Diet? That is the Question …. (and one of my healthy recipes)

  1. Hi. I’m considering the noom weight loss program. I also have fibro and I was wondering how much weight you’ve lost so far. I need to lose over 100 lbs and am curious as to whether I’ll be able to do suggested exercises with my fibro and the fact that I’m obese. I’m also in my 50’s. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    • Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog! I really like noom because it is easy. I lost 11lbs from May to now. However, I only had to shed 20lbs. Most women – from my group have been successful losing larger amounts of weight. You get a coach and a group. I have to admit, I did go off the program for about a month – due to a family emergency. I did my best to stay on task, but there was a lot going on. They suggest various types of exercise – and I honestly only did what I was able to do on the days I could do them. I have a small, fold up stationary bike and can do anywhere between 100-300 cal. daily (on a good day). That’s about it. My coach is aware of my health issues and is very supportive. Some days I could only walk a few laps around my downstairs. Be aware – that I’ve read their “free trial” is a little shady and they get you to pay for the month. It wasn’t an issue for me because I was willing to commit to at least the whole month or two. I think you’ll find their diet suggestions beneficial too – I found my fibro eased up a bit as soon as I started eating healthier. Best of luck. I know you totally can do it. Feel free to drop me an email and let me know how you make out! Be well.
      Susan xo


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